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MTI Educational Foundation Scholarship Criteria


The 2024 Scholarship Application process is NOW CLOSED.

2024 Criteria and Application For Your Reference to Process

Total Amount of Scholarships:  $80,000

General Information and Eligibility


The MTI Educational Foundation Scholarship Program is open to students who are interested in a career in metallurgy, materials, engineering, industrial, mechanical sciences.  Applicants must be currently enrolled, or recently accepted, as a full or part-time student in a nationally accredited college/technical school in the areas of materials science, metallurgy or engineering/technician certificate with focus in mechanical, electrical or industrial sciences. Annual scholarships are awarded directly to the students.


Scholarships will be awarded in June 2024 and paid in one installment directly to the student's university tuition account or their student loan institution.  


Scholarship applications submissions will be accepted from February 20 to May 20, 2024.   The scholarship level available is as follows:


Technical School/Associate Degree/Undergraduate Degree


Students are eligible for one of (17) scholarships:  


  • (1) $15,000 Founders Scholarship given in honor of the founding leaders of the MTI Educational Foundation, Doug Peters from Peters Heat Treating and Norm Graves from National Metal Processing.  The Founders Scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who, in the minds of the Foundation Board, represent qualifications that exceed all other applicants.

  • (10) $5,000 Scholarships

  • (6) $2,500 Technical School Scholarships


The scholarship is renewable for one additional year, for a maximum of two (2). Scholarship renewal is not automatic, applicants MUST submit a full and timely application in order to be considered for a second scholarship.


Evaluation Criteria


  • Grade Point Average – must be 3.0 or higher

  • Internship, Co-op, Work, Community, Volunteer and Other Extracurricular Activities

  • 2 - Letters of Recommendation

  • Honors, Awards and Other Recognitions of the Student’s Work and Leadership Skills

  • Personal Statement Regarding Proposed Program and Study, Career Goals, & Financial Need



MTI Educational Foundation Scholarship Guidelines 2024


Reporting Requirements

The scholarship year runs from January 1 – December 31. All recipients are required to submit a mid-year progress report when requested by the Foundation Board each year.  The MTI Educational Foundation will provide each scholarship recipient an online reporting form to provide their educational progress.


Extension of Time and Failure to Comply

A written request for extension of reporting deadlines, with no additional funding, must detail the reasons for the request and be received by the Foundation 30 days prior to the expiration of the scholarship term. Failure of the scholarship recipient to comply with the policies governing this scholarship may be grounds denial of any future consideration by the Foundation for any of its programs and/or job placement referrals upon graduation.




Tom Morrison

Chiet Staff Administrator

904-249-0448 ext 103 –

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